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Amanda Pier

I called these guys when I lost the key to my Lexus for a car key replacement service, and they were phenomenal! The technician showed up quickly and got everything taken care of for me in under an hour. The price was reasonable, and the technician was courteous. Thank you so much for helping me out!

Motorcycle Locksmith Service in Markham

Lionel Howard

I came out to start my motorcycle the other morning and I found that my key kept sticking in the ignition every time I tried to take it out. I called Car Keys Experts and they were able to have a motorcycle locksmith out to help me that same day. He repaired my ignition and even provided me a warranty for his repair just in case I run into anymore problems. I really appreciate your guys’ help!

Eric Newance

After a huge food shopping trip I came out to realize I locked my keys in the car. Sitting in the parking lot with a huge cart full of food, I called Car Keys Experts and they promised to have someone out to assist me with an emergency car unlock in as little as 25 minutes. They held true to that promise and I’m glad they did as I had a lot of frozen food in my cart. The service went smoothly and the price was more-than-reasonable. Thank you so much for opening my car!

Car Key Programming Service in Scarborough

Lenna Undridge

My daughter just got her license and has been borrowing my car to get to and from school. We only had one car key and I was nervous it would be misplaced between the two of us, so I wanted to get a spare. I ordered some blank remote keys online and then called Car Keys Experts to get a quote to cut my keys as well as provide a car key programming service. The price was reasonable and the technician was friendly so I decided to go with the service. The spare keys work perfectly, thank you!

Martin Blance

After a long day of work I came out to find that my key would not turn in the ignition. I called Car Keys Experts immediately and they were a dream to work with! Everything was done quickly, he replaced my ignition and provided me with the new keys in no time. Thanks again!

24-Hour Car Locksmith in Mississauga

Lisa Dwyer

After a long night catching up with some old girlfriends from college I came outside the club to discover I lost my car keys. It was two in the morning and I was doubtful that I would be able to find a 24-hour car locksmith that would be able to help me. After some searching online, I managed to find Car Keys Experts and they were the best! A technician came out to help me extremely quickly despite how late it was and he made my key in under an hour. Thank you so much for your services!