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Ignition Repair & Replacement


Your vehicle’s ignition can be a finicky component of your car. After years of use some car ignitions can go bad leading to difficulty turning the key to start your vehicle, your key getting stuck in the ignition, or even the key not turning at all once placed in the ignition. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your vehicle, it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional automotive locksmith right away for an ignition repair. If you continue operating your ignition after noticing complications, it can suddenly give out on you when you least expect it, leaving you stranded wherever you last parked your car.

Thanks to the ignition repair and replacement team at Toronto Car Keys Experts, you no longer have to worry about your vehicle being stuck somewhere due to a malfunctioning ignition. We’re able to assist you with a great deal of ignition services to ensure that you can start your vehicle every time you hop in to take a ride. From a quick replacement to complicated repair and rekeying jobs, we’re able to assist you with all your ignition repair and replacement services in Toronto and GTA. Our team of auto locksmiths works hard to provide our dependable services at all times, so you’re always covered, never hesitate to reach out to us for service!


When getting service executed on your ignition it is crucial to find a company that is qualified to perform ignition repair and replacement services on your vehicle. At Car Keys Experts in Toronto, our automotive locksmith technicians have completed extensive courses to be sure that they are more-than-qualified to work on your vehicle. We understand how frustrating it can be to find yourself in need of an ignition change service, we work diligently so you can sit back and relax, worry-free while we complete your ignition repair or replacement service.

Our car locksmith technicians are well-versed in automotive locksmith services to begin with, but we also have a team of specialists who have completed additional courses in ignition services to make sure there’s no ignition repair and/or replacement job we can’t handle. Car Keys Experts offers 24/7 emergency ignition repair and replacement services to the residents of Toronto and GTA. Our ignition services include:

Complete Ignition Repair & Replacement Toronto, Ignition Rebuild In Toronto, Toronto Car Ignition Key Fabrication, Ignition Coding Toronto
  • Complete Ignition Replacement
  • Ignition Rebuild In Toronto 
  • Ignition Key Fabrication
  • Ignition Coding 
  • Ignition Repair Services In GTA
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Much More!

All the ignition services you see above are performed by licensed and insured technicians who have proven to us through hard work and positive customer feedback that they are qualified to perform even the trickiest of service calls. You can always count on our Toronto ignition repair and replacement services, no matter the day or time.


When you find yourself in need of an ignition service at 5am you can count on Toronto Car Keys Experts. Even if you need assistance with a locked ignition at 11pm on a Sunday, we’re still the ones to call. Our ignition repair and replacement services don’t stop. We promise to be available  no matter when you find yourself in need of assistance.

Our automotive locksmith technicians are strategically located throughout Toronto and the Greater Area to ensure a wide service area coverage and rapid response to your service needs. One call to us and we’ll have you in touch with a service expert instantly to get your car back on the road. We understand how vital it is to you to be able to drive your vehicle, so we work hard to get your service completed quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today to experience our quality, incomparable work!